Submitting Schedule Requests for the fall and spring season and how the schedule is made

A couple of changes from our previous practice.

First, we're no longer taking requests for no 3 p.m. games. That essentially means we have to open more fields at the complex and makes referee scheduling more difficult for afternoon games. Second, requests for all 9 a.m. games need an explanation why as to why you need all 9 a.m. games. Because your schedule request essentially forces your request on other teams, we'll look more favorably on all 9 a.m. games if it's because you have people on your team who are going to referee the rest of the day. A couple of teams actually meet that criteria. Otherwise the best you get is morning games. The referee clinic info is posted on the website calendar. If 9 a.m. games are important to you, send a couple of people to become referees and we'll look a little more closely at your request based on the referee schedule we see.

Do not send us a request to not schedule your team to play good teams until your players have figured out how to play as a team.  That does straight in the trash.

We schedule a lot of games each week. It is not done simply with a computer program and punching a button. It takes about a week to put together to coordinate fields, divisions, locations and schedule requests. There is also not a computer program that can resolve team A asking for 9 a.m. games and playing against team B who requests 3 p.m. games. After the computer program spits out game matchups, the rest is done by hand and it is tedious and painful. Therefore, when you decide to wait for two weeks after the schedule is published to announce your schedule request, it isn't well received or acted on.


If you have a need for a particular time and day in the fall schedule, ASL needs to know that by August 10. If you have a schedule request from Fall 2017, we’ll contact you to determine if you need that again. It would be helpful if you would let your team know that you requested a specific schedule so we don’t have to hear from them that they have been mistreated in the schedule to accommodate the personal schedule of the team rep.


If you want to coordinate a coed team and a men’s team or women’s team, we’ll do that. We will not do it for more than one of any of those teams. It means one game will be in the morning and one in the afternoon and likely will result in your games being at the complex in Bernalillo. We also need the names of the players involved on both teams. If we’re talking about one player, we aren’t investing the time for that and we expect the players to be registered and paid for at the time of the request.


We get about 40 schedule requests and it has gotten somewhat overwhelming. When the schedule is put together, here are some standard rules we use:


If a team has a reasonable number of players from Santa Fe or further north, they play their games at the Santa Ana complex and don’t have 9 a.m. games.


If two teams have mutually exclusive requests, then we hand it back to the two teams to resolve. if you can't agree, then we do just like your parents did and do something to make both of you unhappy. At that time, you usually decide you can agree after all.


When the women’s division was a separate operation through AWSL, they used two fields at Arroyo del Oso. When ASL absorbed those divisions, we added one more field at St. Pius for women’s play and kept the practice of using two fields at Arroyo del Oso for women’s play. Since Pius is gone, we've added another field in town that depends on what's available. Given the relatively small number of women’s teams compared to the other divisions, they get more games in town than the other divisions. Hopefully, as we can get the women’s division built back up, that will be a problem.


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