Fall 2018 Wednesday Night Coed League Information

We will again offer an open coed soccer division on Wednesday evenings. The plan is to start on Wednesday August 29 and play 8 games. Assuming no weather problems, that will see us play through October 17 unless we have an odd number of teams and then we add a week to get everyone 8 games.


If you have a new team, please go to the article at the top of the front page of the web site and click the link for a new team application for Wednesday coed play. Otherwise your team should submit your application through your Spring 2018 Wednesday Coed team folder.


Please note: This competition has nothing whatsoever to do with Sunday competitions unless you get yourself suspended from the league for violent behavior. Then the league executive committee will bring them together.


Important date: We need a commitment from your team by August 22 so we can set up the schedule and begin scheduling referees. Hence, we need an application and 11 players in your folder by August 22. As we’re posting this article on July 13, that doesn’t impress us as expecting too much given that you have 6 weeks.


If you and/or some of your friends want to get on a team, please go to the article titled Players Looking for Teams in the “Important Links” section of the web site and there is information on submitting your form for us to add you to the free agents list.


For purposes of payment and player registration, we have split the Wednesday league into two separate seasons. Unlike Sunday play, we will retain two separate fees. For the fall season a Wednesday coed player who also plays on Sunday will pay $55 for the fall Wednesday coed after they have paid the $75 registration fee for Sunday play. A player who only plays Wednesday coed pays $75 for Wednesday coed.


Because our online software allows us to only include one payment amount and the majority of the players are $55 players on Wednesday, the online payment amount is set at $55. You cannot change it and if you should pay $75 and you pay $55, that means you need to come to the office and pay the other $20. Which means $75 payments need to be made at the office, not online.  


A few things to be aware of.

  • The fee is low because we do not schedule three referees per game. We schedule one. We made this decision after we consulted with the teams after the second season and the response was unanimous that they would rather pay less money. Therefore, we would suggest that you not finely tune your offside trap. There are two reasons for doing this. First, it’s difficult to get a lot of referees to go work for $25 a game when they drive to the complex for only one game. And most teams don’t want to double up games and start the second game at 9 pm. Like no teams at all. The second reason is that in the fall season, we have referee coverage problems as a result of competing with high school and college soccer for game officials. We lose that competition because we pay a lot less.
  • We do not give awards for this competition. This is purely social soccer. The schedule program will keep standings but we don’t give awards for winning. If you’d like to do that, then we need to raise the fee to pay for the awards. And most of the teams have expressed their lack of interest in doing this.
  • Your team needs uniforms of the same color and they need to be numbered with no duplicate numbers. Numbered tee shirts are just fine. The goalkeeper does not require a number.


All the information about the league, including playing rules, suspensions for misbehavior, day of game procedures, are included in the folder titled Team Representative Notebook. Wednesday night games will follow the same rules and procedures. You must have a player passcard specifically for your weeknight team. You cannot use the same passcard from your Sunday team. That’s how we make sure you didn’t forget to pay for the weeknight league.


If you have questions, e- mail us at aslsoc@swcp.com or call the office at 346-0831.


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