How to Pay Player Fees Online and Setup Instructions for Team Reps

You can pay online or at the office. At the office, we accept cash, checks, and credit and debit cards. We don’t hand over your passcard until you pay. We do not take your credit card number over the phone. It’s a violation of our credit card security parameters. We are not allowed to possess your credit card number.


Extremely important point: Do not pay for someone else to play. That is a business transaction between the two of you that does not involve us. We are not going to give you that person’s money back if they don’t pay you back. There is a reason why this is in bold print and underlined.


First important item is that for individual players to pay online (option 2 below), the Team Representative needs to log in to their Team Page and click Settings. In the Player Options section of the Settings page, the Team Rep needs to select “yes” in the first item allowing a Link to Individual Player Pages. Once that is changed to “yes,” then the players on that team can log in to their own individual player record as listed as the Pay Through The Individual Player Folder option below.


We have set up an option through the registration program to enable you to pay online. For Sunday play, the registration fee is $75 for the spring season.   


With that, you can pay online one of two ways.


Pay through the Team folder.  You can provide your credit card info to your team rep and the team rep can go into the team folder and enter your payment.  This entails you providing the team rep your credit card info.  We understand you may not want to do this.


Pay through the individual player folder.  Once the Team Rep has modified the team settings as we’ve instructed above AND entered your email address in your player record, all the player needs to do is to go to the Teams link, click your team FOR THE CORRECT SEASON and your Team login page will appear.  At least ten of you will log in to your spring or summer folder and pay there and it won't show up in your fall team folder.  Click Login in the upper right, enter your email address and request a PIN.  Your PIN will show up immediately at the email address in your player record, and you can then log in to your player record and enter your payment.


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