General info around ASL soccer nation - July 8 Update

Mid Season fee reduction is in effect.  These are the fees for players who have previously registered on a team in fall 18 or spring or summer 19.  New players need to add $20.

Coed - $30

Over 30 - $20

Over 40 - $15

Women Open - $20

Men Open $35

Click the Registration link for information on the summer competitions. 

Teams looking and players looking for the summer is getting action again.  If your team is looking for players, usually those currently still in the Champions League final, send us your stuff and we'll get you posted.  It's a good time for people looking to get on a team as they're getting formed.  And we'll continue the over 50 pickup night through the summer so if you want to join up, let us know and we'll get you on the roster.

The international football board has made significant changes to the Laws of the Game that you may have heard of.  We've added a section below with a brief description and links to the documents in English and Spanish with further details.  To save a couple of people time who send us an email to ask where it is, click here.

If you want to get on our free against list, click here for details.

If your team needs players, click here for info on getting posted on our Teams Looking List.



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