Players Looking for Teams Two Day Listing - 6 17 Update

Based on the success of putting the teams looking in the center section, we're going to start listing players for two days on this section before we move them to the Players Looking folder on the left.

To get added to the list, go to the foler on the left titled Hints for Getting on a Team and send us the information on the form there.

June 17



Rosa Davila, F, 46, Looking for recreational team co-ed, Prefer mid field, but will play any other position except for goalie.  I have played all of my adult life  505-382-6464 texting OK  6 2


Jonathan Lashomb, m, 26,  any competitive level, Defense, Sweeper/Stopper – Midfield if needed, 20 years soccer experience, AYSO/High School/Regional Club/Mens Adult club/College,  315-761-1696 texting OK

Adrián Soto Domínguez, M, 23, men’s or coed, rec level, Midfield, Central Defense, Stricker, I played during 10 year in Spain during the different national and regional leagues. played in some international tournaments in Portugal when I was child.  +34-663-450-145 (whats-app, Kakaotalk, SMS) texting OK  6 12

Joe Gehling, M, 28, mens or coed, high level, Position: any except GK,  was all-State in high school in NH, recreationally since then  603-988-8162 texting OK 6 10


Matthew Draper, M, 33, coed or mens, rec level, Midfield or defense, played coed for about two years about two years ago.  505-410-1648 texting OK  5 31


Leo Silbert, m, 46, Men’s and Coed, any level, Left back and left/central midfield, Played my entire life. 505-720-8688 texting OK 5 31


Oscar Estrada, m, 22 Men’s 5 a side and Wednesday coed any competitive level, Defender, Midfield and if I must Goalkeeper (not that great though), I play a lot of indoor but I don’t have much experience playing outdoor.  I really only played in high school.  505-267-8637 texting OK 5 31


Mykhaylo Bilichak, M, 3, Men’s Competition level: amateur - semi pro Position: Center Midfielder,defender Experience: playing soccer since I was 10 years old.Ukrainian regional league (5 years)Chicago League (Lions). e-mail: Telephone: 9165009819 Can people text you: Yes  5 31


Nguyen Pham, m, 24, men’s or coed, Mid or High level competition, prefer to be defender or midfielder. No Goalie please. I play for high school and college soccer team in California (714) 854-4693 texting OK 5 16


Israel Ibarra-Davila, M, 30, mens or coed, played high school soccer and coaches high school, midfield or defender, 512-507-4811 5 16


Michael Clifford, M, 36, mens or coed, rec level, wing or fullback, played 1 season and practice regularly, MICHAELKCLIFFORD@GMAIL.COM 505 225 5074 texting OK 5 15


Chad Chandler, M, 35, coed, Experienced playing the past two years in the fall and spring in the Coed Second Division. I'm very reliable and dependable in showing up to every game. Able to play any position except keeper. Prefer to play midfield or defender. Looking to play in the summer in Coed Monday, Coed Tuesday, Coed Wednesday, or Coed Sunday. Midfield/Defender, but will play where needed except for keeper. 20+ years of experience at all levels. 505-362-6699 texting OK 5 15


Pablo Ampuero, m, 42. Men’s or coed, rec to intermediate level, Anything except goalkeeper. I can score and I'm good at passing, but I really enjoy defense. Played all my life. From age 5 - 25 I played for club teams or school teams (sometimes several at once), and have played on and off since then. I lived in London for six years (I moved back in late 2016), and played frequent pickup games there. I always managed to hold my own against much younger French and Spanish players, if that counts for anything. 505-312-1482 prefer contact by email.


Ian Stamper, M, 38, mens over 30 and coed, mow to mid level competition, Position: d/m/f, Very little experience. Understand basic concepts. Would like to run and have fun. 505-610-5330 texting OK 4 27


Jose Ramos, M, 26, beginner, played midfield, men’s competition, 505-339-0746 texting OK 4 27  


Parker Engel, M, 16, Men's and Co-ed, Low, Recreational, Midfield and defense NO GOALIE, Began play when I was about 8 and have played club and for my school. Currently playing for Bosque's high school team (505)-999-7240 Texting OK between 7AM-10PM. as a side note, I am currently employed at Isotopes Park and I work whenever there is a home game. I may not be able to attend all soccer games due to the inconsistency and odd timing of some of the Isotopes games. 4 27



Albuquerque Sol


New Mexico State Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

United States Soccer Federation