Players Looking for Teams Two Day Listing - 9 13 update

To get added to the list, go to the Hints for Getting on a Team link above this one and send us the information on the form there.

September 13


We got all the couples could be too if you send us your info.....


We got all the women could be too if you send us your info......



Estevan Marrujo, 28, coed, rec, defense and midfield, 6 years experience,   505-363-4901   texting OK

Nick Niforos, 35, men or coed, any level,  defensive mid, fwd, center defense, long experience,   505-301-2798 texting OK  9 11


Oscar Estrada, 22, men's or coed, any defensive position or midfielder, played some in high school.  505-267-8637 texting ok  8 17


Brad Dean,looking for forward or midfield position in men's third division, experienced player looking for recreation and exercise.  505-385-7509 texting OK 8 16


Looking for same team:  Zach Fabres, M, 21, men's 2nd division forward or midfield, played youth soccer    505-610-4752 texting OK………Taylor Warden, M, 20, men’s 2nd division forward or defender, played youth soccer, 505-328-5502  texting OK  8 12

Jarrod Rhodes, M, 28, men’s and coed, Sunday and Wednesday, rec level men and coed. Forward or midfielder, played through high school and ASL several years ago.  505-328-1974 texting OK  8 12

Carlos  and Marvin Serrano, M, 39 and 37, looking for a coed team, 3rd division level, defender and midfielder, played through late 20s, 505-385-1381 texting OK  7 28


Jace Dubick, M, 20, men’s and coed, low level, Anything but GK, Midfield if possible, no experience.   505-608-1026  texting OK  7 12


Jonathan Lashomb, 26, any competitive level, Defense, Sweeper/Stopper – Midfield if needed, 20 years soccer experience, AYSO/High School/Regional Club/Mens Adult club/College, 315-761-1696 texting OK

Nguyen Pham, 24, Wednesday night coed, Mid or High level competition, prefer to be defender or midfielder. No Goalie please. I play for high school and college soccer team in California (714) 854-4693 texting OK 7 12


Pablo Ampuero, 42. Men’s or coed, rec to intermediate level, Anything except goalkeeper. I can score and I'm good at passing, but I really enjoy defense. Played all my life. From age 5 - 25 I played for club teams or school teams (sometimes several at once), and have played on and off since then. I lived in London for six years (I moved back in late 2016), and played frequent pickup games there. I always managed to hold my own against much younger French and Spanish players, if that counts for anything. 505-312-1482 prefer contact by email.


Ian Stamper, 38, mens over 30 and coed, low to mid level competition, Position: d/m/f, Very little experience. Understand basic concepts. Would like to run and have fun. 505-610-5330 texting OK 4 27


Jose Ramos, 26, beginner, played midfield, men’s competition, 505-339-0746 texting OK 4 27


Albuquerque Sol


New Mexico State Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

United States Soccer Federation