Players Looking for Teams Two Day Listing

Based on the success of putting the teams looking in the center section, we're going to start listing players for two days on this section before we move them to the Players Looking folder on the left.

To get added to the list, go to the foler on the left titled Hints for Getting on a Team and send us the information on the form there.

March 30 2017:

Brandon Crossett, m, 40, mens and coed, Division 1 College, University of Memphis, Forward/Midfield, 30+ years experience,  832-250-5459 yes to text

Eric Enriquez, M, 29, men’s division, have been playing all my life, new to NM and looking to join a competitive men’s team.  Have played central defender but can play any position except goalie.  707-628-8345 texting OK

Brian Jones, M, 46, coed, rec level, Speedy Defense/Mid-Field, Experience: Some adult soccer 505-504-4825 texting OK

Atakanb Aynaci, 25, mens’ and coed, played youth and adult, forward or midfield, 432-703-2156 texting OK

Gustavo Montoya, M, 50, mens and coed, 10 years playing in ASL, defender or midfielder, 1st or 2nd division, 505-730-5767 texting OK

Phoenix Tantum, M, 30, men’s or coed, high/mid level or recreational midfield, defender, Played the game for 25 years, experienced in indoor/outdoor competitive leagues. photantum@gmail.com505-353-0900 texting OK

Chris Aycock, m. 48, men’s or coed, rec level, Forward or middle back, Experience: indoor & during school years 505-301-6284 texting OK

Brad Dean, M, 39, mens division preferred, mid level competition, Position:Gk Primarily, can play in the field but better in goal. Many years experience, 505-814-8391 texting OK

Rigo, M, 47, mens division, Skilled player that enjoys competitive games no matter the final outcome, Central defender or defensive midfield, I have played soccer my entire life 314-662-2954 texting OK 2 25

Juan Diego Agon, M, 25, mens and coed, Rec; men's division 3 or similar. Midfield Intramural/rec teams for 8 years, both outdoor and indoor. 561-929-4715 texting OK 2 23

Danny Sanchez, M, 27, coed Wednesday, played youth through high schoo, left or right midfield, 575-652-9942 texting OK

Aristote Mpinga, M, 17, mens division, high level, central defender, experience, Not at professional level (505) 615-7158 texting OK

Oscar Ikundi, M, 19, Men’s division, high level, midfield and defender, High school competitions and part time academy player 571-551-8717 texting OK

Lawrence Perez, M, 27, men and coed, rec level, left wing, Played for several years in school, but it has been a few years since I have played. 505‐328‐1150 texting



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