Here's our initial playing rules for our the pioneers of Walking Soccer - February 5 edition

Welcome to the 2019 kickoff edition of our new ASL WASP division. 

We’re going to do two kinds of Walking Soccer, Wednesday nights at the soccer complex in Bernalillo and midday on city parks.  Based on demand, we can add sessions during the week. 

First most important item.  Before you show up, we need you to click here and complete our online waiver.  No waiver, no participate.  We need this once every year and our year starts on September 1.

Second most important item.  Please go here to an app called Meetup and join it (if you haven’t yet) or if you already are a Meetup member, login and look for as at ASL WASP.  That’s how we’ll be tracking participation and having people let us know they plan to be at any particular event so we can accordingly.  You can also pay through Meetup.

How much does it cost?

For all of the sessions in March, the league will eat the costs as people get a chance to try and see if they like it.  We need you to complete the liability waiver and we need you to join our ASL WASP group on Meetup.  Starting April 1, we will need you to join the league, which entails an annual fixed cost of $20 that covers liability and player accident insurance and membership in the United States Soccer Federation.  Then, to cover the costs of staging each session it will be $10 per session to cover staff, field prep and rent, and the equipment we use at both daytime and weeknight session.  Both payments can be made online through Meetup or you can bring cash to the field session but we really need to know through meetup if you’re coming to any given session so we can plan accordingly.

Weekdays daytime walking soccer

We’ll start on March 12 with a daytime session at 11 a.m. at Arroyo del Oso park west of Spain and Wyoming on the east field.  We then plan to have weekly sessions there on Tuesdays and Thursday at 11 a.m. and play till 1 pm.  We’ll have two fields set up in the case the crowd is overwheling, which we hope it becomes. 

Wednesday night walking soccer

Our second venue is at the NM Soccer Tournament complex in Bernalillo.  Directions are here.  We have 8 lighted fields, so we’ll play at 6:45 pm and 7:45 pm on Wednesdays starting March 20.  We’ll sort out the specific field number for walking soccer as we get closer and split up fields among coed soccer, over 50 soccer and walking soccer.

What are the rules?

There can be two kinds of rules we could use.  There are actual leagues who play this like we have in our serious soccer part of Albuquerque Soccer League.  If we actually have enough people who want that kind of deal, we’ve got a set of those kinds of rules we can run (walk) with, but we don’t expect that to happen soon.

What we expect instead is people showing up for pickup walking soccer.  So, here’s a quick set of rules to start with to do pickup soccer:

We’ll provide two sets of pinnies so no one is confused.

No goalkeepers unless we have two people at any given time we want to be goalkeepers.

We play 7 v 7. 

We’ll provide low bounce Futsal balls.

If the ball is out, we do a kick in instead of a throw in.

If the ball is kicked higher than head level then it's an indirect kick to the opposing team.

No offsides.

No one cares who wins.

Needless to say, no running.  If you can’t control your human nature, then the other team gets the ball on an indirect free kick and we all publish stuff about you on social media……

No running or jogging on or off the ball by any player, including goalkeepers.

No running to influence play.

No shoulder charges or slide tackles.

Players may not step across an opponent to block them from attempting to get to the ball, or gain an advantage by such an act.

Minimum age is 18, all genders.

We’ll randomly draw teams from our crew that shows up.


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Albuquerque Sol


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New Mexico State Soccer Association

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