How can I get a copy of my registration roster and how do I control who registers on my team?

Your Team folder will have a roster that you populate.  It will show payments for players who paid through the online payment system.  It will NOT show players who have come to the office and paid in any form.  We maintain your team roster of ALL payments manually at the office.  If you would like a copy of the current roster we have, email the office staff and  Rosters will be scanned and sent out after the office closes that day.  If we get your request after 2:30 p.m., we’ll respond the next day.  Please don’t ask for a roster every day.  That gets irritating.


As for controlling who is registered on your team, here's the deal. If someone comes in and says I'm here to register on, for example, Rogues, we will register that player on Rogues. If you want the office staff to only register players who you have entered on your roster in your team folder or only register players you approve, we can mark your team folder that each registration requires team rep approval. It's not a big deal for us.


Now, here's the rub with that. If someone walks in and says they're here to register on Rogues and the staff cannot contact you while the player is standing there, then we don't register the player and they likely go away unhappy. As your Team Folder is restricted to people you have designated as Managers, our suggestion is to limit it to players whose records you have set up in the Team Folder. That reduces your need to be available to us the same way you are at job.


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