Dude, what if it rains or snows?

The phone number to call for rainouts is 341-5044. On a day on which weather might be an issue, we will start messages at 7 a.m.  That does not mean 4 a.m.  We have a voice-messaging service on it that allows as many people to call and get the message at one time as can dial their little phones. That means no more busy signals or waiting to try to get through at 6 a.m. when you’re calling for the 7 a.m. message. Hint. 
We will also post an announcement on the web page and e-mail to the team reps at the same time we update the phone message. If your team rep maintains an e-mail list for the team, this will make it a whole lot easier to get the word out to people, as the weather seems to have changed somewhat from our last couple of season.
This little service is based on three people who do the field inspections.  We dont do road conditions.  The State of New Mexico does that.  Sometimes.


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