It's never too early to start planning for 2021 summer soccer!!

It won't be cold all year....honest!!

It's never too early to start planning for 2021 summer soccer!!

What we planned for summer soccer in 2020 was to move almost everything in to town from the soccer complex in Bernalillo and play coed and over-35 soccer in a 7 v 7 format at Balloon Fiesta Park on Sundays through Thursdays.  This format seemed to work well for people in the winter league we tried for the first time in 2020 and it's got several advantages in hat people can get to games a while lot easier and we can play two games per field per night.  It will also probably increase the number of people who want to revert to the old practice of playing multiple nights.  We had played women's over-35 on Thursday nights and with the number of playing slots we have we could offer a men's over-35 division at the same time.

We'll survey the men's division teams to see if they want to continue to play Sunday play at the complex or move into town.  The city continues the process of removing soccer goals (gone at ADO and Oso Grande before we stopped, now gone at Lynnewood as well) so if we play in town we would need to bring our own goals.  That may be a reasonable tradeoff that we'll look at to avoid the drive.

We’ll look at interest in the Over 50 pickup soccer since it’s a heavy schedule during the week plus the Santa Fe league plays over 50 during the summer.  If we’ve got the demand, we’ll figure out a time and place to do the over 50 pickup soccer.  If you've joined the elite age level during the break, email us to get on the list.  Generally little soccer is played and a lot of tall tales are told over malted beverages after the "game." 

NMSSA runs the Dog Days Over 40 tournament in Ruidoso the last weekend of July.


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