Spring 2017 Team Registration is Open

Click here for free agent list of players looking for teams.  

For information on the Sunday league, registration, and the spring season, click here.  This avoids us boring you right out of the gate with a bunch of details.

For information on the Wednesday night coed league, click here.

If you are a new team that wants to play in the Wednesday night coed division, click here for the team application

If you are an existing Sunday team, meaning you played in Fall 2016, please go to the department titled Teams (right above this story) and submit your team application through your Fall 2016 team folder.  This will preserve your roster from Fall 2016 in order to populate your roster for spring 2017.  You still log in to your team folder just like you did in the fall.

If you are a new Sunday team, meaning you did not play in Fall 2016, click here for the team application link

Please note, in both cases we are not doing a team application fee for the spring season.  The person who is submitting the team application will not pay anything for submitting the application and will need to complete the player registration payment and can do so online.

After you have submitted your team application, regardless of your fall 2016 status, we have to accept your application, at which time you'll be able to log in to your team folder by going to the Teams department on the web site and clicking the link for your team.  You can then click the Team Login link in the upper right corner of your team login page, enter your email address (the same one you used to submit your team application) and request a PIN.  That will come immediately and you're ready to log in and begin setting up your team.

Additional Info

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