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April 26 Weather Update at 9:45 am

The weather has broken in our favor so we’ll start play with 11 am games, so turn off the Arnseal-Chelsea game and go to your field.  We lost 13 9 a.m. games at the complex and I’ll get those rescheduled, most for next weekend.  I’ll contact those teams directly and let you know.  Which means you don’t have to ask me when your game is, I’ll really tell you  Honest.


Welcome to Albuquerque Soccer League

April 22

We've updated the players looking for teams listing as of today.  if your team is looking for players for the summer season, the front page article seemed to work pretty well for the spring season, so please send us your needs and contact info and we'll get it posted.  If you're a player looking, go to the Players Looking folder on the left and send us the free agent form with your preferences, experience, and contact info and we'll get you set up.

We've posted infomration on the right on the Second Annual Silver City Kickof Classic June 19-21, in of all places, Silver City.  It's strictly FIFA rules except when it's not, since it's 9 v 9.  In any case, ASL will pay the entry fee for the first two teams (of players all registered in ASL) who enter, so get your group together.  You need to enter under your ASL team name and apparently you can assemble your roster of any players holding a current passcard.  

Rescheduled games have been posted in team folders for May 3.

Office hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. During the playing season we’re open on Thursdays 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.  We are not open on Friday, regardless of what "they" told you. The office is at 1820 San Pedro NE, Suite 6. You can bring gifts and the staff will be very grateful. Please don’t bring them firearms or distilled spirits as league management often meets with them later in the day when their stress level is increased.



Apply for Albuquerque SL Summer 2015

Here’s the link for registration for the Summer 2015 soccer season.  If you already have a team in ASL in Spring 2015, or you had a team in Summer 2014, go to your Team Folder, log in and submit your application through that link and it will preserve your ability to populate your roster with the Team Player Pool function.  If you want to change your team name, submit the application through the old name and send us an e-mail.  We can then go in to the data base and change the team name and preserve your Team Player Pool function. 

If you’re a new team who has not played in the league since summer 2014, click the link below and it will step you through the team application process.   If you are a new team and are applying for Coed Monday or Tuesday play, we will ask you for a roster of your players and playing experience by person.  This apparently offends some people.  So be it.  It’s the process we use to weed sandbaggers out of those divisions.

There is a $50 application fee for all competitions except women’s over-40, which has no team fee, and 5 a Side, which has a flat $200 fee per team.  The $50 application fee for the summer competition does NOT apply to individual player fees, a statement that is also repeated on the e-mail you will receive confirming your team application.  If you elect to pay your $50 application fee by check or cash at the office, please be aware that your application is not complete until we receive it.  As we get closer to all of our limited number of fields being committed, that means your team is not assured of having a space in the schedule.  Therefore, we’d suggest getting that fee paid as soon as you submit your electronic application.  If you do not field a team, the $50 fee is forfeit.

Before you do any of this, please go to the Summer 2015 Soccer folder and read the information there on what we offer and how to do both your team application and how to set up your roster and enter player records and pictures.

Questions?  Contact us at or call the office at 505-346-0831


Players Looking for Teams Two Day Listing

Based on the success of putting the teams looking in the center section, we're going to start listing players for two days on this section before we move them to the Players Looking folder on the left.

Updated April 26

Ken Sangha,  male,35, Men’s Over 30 Friday Evenings ,  Position: defense, mid played up to college level,   505-450-9916  texting OK.

Kathy Lowe, F, 50,  Women’s or Coed Rec, Beginner (I have only played three games this last season as a defender. I’m still learning the game),,  505-977-5650, texting OK

Darin James, M 19 looking for high level men’s or coed play, Center Back, Center Mid, anywhere needed but those in particular,            College D-2 Player currently (meaning he can’t play rec division coed)  505-328-3042  texting OK

Oscar "Levy" Perez-Flores, M, 19, looking for high level men’s play, Mid field. Have played in Honduras. Have also played forward.  Played in premier ASL team in Spring 2015.  (505) 620-6220 text oK in Spanish

Jennifer Hensley, F, 34 looking for summer women’s over 30 team,  defense, midfield, can play goalie if you really need one, Experience: intramural in college and the military,  5052204874, text OK

Jazmin Pedroza , female 23, rec level coed, Right or Left Wing on Midfield, Right or Left defense if need be.  2 years high school, 3ish years recreational        (Please put ASL in the subject line)        

Abdulaziz Yusiaf, male, 20, played in Kuwait, looking for high level men’s play.  Play striker or forward, but can play anywhere except goal.  505-289-4373 text OK

Joseph, male 32 looking for premier or first division level play.  Forward or midfield.  505-659-9834 text OK.

Jesus Ibarra, 20, male, beginner looking for men’s team.  505-304-6138 (h) 505-312-7084, text OK

Julie V. Sanchez, 40 years old, looking for summer mid level coed play, Mid-field/Forward,  Currently play on a womens outdoor team.  Have played for roughly 25 years.  Have played both indoor and outdoor, womens and co-ed.   e-mail:  (505) 340-5094 texting OK

Bert Smith, age 38, looking for rec level men’s or coed play at any position.  Played seven years. or 505-264-6438, text preferred.

Interested in joining a mens or co-Ed premier or 1st division team. New to Albuquerque from California played soccer all my life and play all positions. Last played defensive area for a premier soccer team in California. 25 yrs old fast strong player please respond if have an opening.Carlos at

David Otazu, Age:  20, Men’s or Coed, high level, any position, experience in club, school and the street,  e-mail:   505-730-9603 Can people text you? Yes


Looking to join a Team? Here's a Shortcut to Teams Looking for Players for the Summer Season

Teams Looking as of April 25:

Siwfata FC, Summer 15, Men's Open B Division looking for 1 solid Forward, 1-2 players willing to play defense AND mid and a backup keeper that can play the field in the event main keeper misses a couple games.  Phillip Ortiz  505-974-8388 (texting is good)


In the summer, the decision to play games is made at the field due to the wide spread in field locations.  Therefore, you need to go to your game so the referee can determine if the field is playable.  We do NOT use the rainout phone.

In the fall and spring, where we play at three locations, if it rains, we e-mail everyone, update the web site and post notice on the rainout phone at 341-5015.  The first update of the day will be posted at 7 a.m.  Please listen to the message, as it will tell you whether you need to call back during the day for updates.  The phone will handle 500 callers at a time, so you won’t get a busy signal.

Additional Info

If you’ve got suggestions for information you’d like to see included, contact us at

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