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September 19

The entry form for the 2015 NMSSA Fall Classic is posted on the right.  

Registration continues through the season during normal office hours.  The online payment system is open again for players who wish to pay for both fall and spring.  Payment for fall only must be made at the office.  See the article below for details on what to do to register.

The Players Looking list is current.  Most people who came through it found teams. Right now we have teams looking both for men and women and we're one week into the season, so there's still time get a lot of footie in for the breezy fall season.  Go to the Players Looking folder on the left and send us the free agent form with your preferences, experience, and contact info and we'll get you set up.

If your team is looking for players, send us what you're looking for and exactly how many world cup titles each player should have won to make your roster and we'll get your posted.


Office hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. During the playing season we’re open on Thursdays 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.  We are not open on Friday, regardless of what "they" told you. The office is at 1820 San Pedro NE, Suite 6. You can bring gifts and the staff will be very grateful. Please don’t bring them firearms or distilled spirits as league management often meets with them later in the day when their stress level is increased.

What you need to register - Read me before you come to the office!!!!

1. Have your player record, including your picture, loaded into your team's roster.  If the staff has to do it, you pay an extra $10.

2. Complete your online waiver.  Go to the front page of the web site and click the link in the upper right cordner that says "Click here to sign the e waiver for fall 2015."

3. If you want to pay for both the fall and spring seasons, your team rep can set you up in the team folder to do that online.

Yes, you can pay for and register someone else so long as their waiver has been submitted.  No waiver, no registration.

Very important point:  if you pay with the online system, someone, which could be you, still needs to come pick up your passcard at the office.  We don't deliver.  No passcard, no play.

Players Looking for Teams Two Day Listing

Based on the success of putting the teams looking in the center section, we're going to start listing players for two days on this section before we move them to the Players Looking folder on the left.

Updated October 4

Jarrett Sienicki, 19 yrs old. I grad from HS and am working at present. Played soccer all positions growing up and school. My focus was competitive Hockey, and used soccer for conditioning mostly, not my first sport. I REALLY want to get back into it. I would be a good fit for 2nd division, COED,  but will play Mens 3rd if needed.  505 470 6786 call or text.

Vinay Achrekar, M, 44, coed rec level, any position, played in school and looking to have fun,, 505-227-9208 texting OK

Ian Catanach, M, 16, men’s mid to high level, midfielder, Played since I was 5 years old. on club teams.  Now on high school team.       505-281-9454  texting OK

David Olivarez, M, 53,  Men’s 3rd division, Just completed men’s 3rd division  (Old Rouges team),Mid field, Sweeper/Stopper. 20+ yrs playing,  505-846-4098 no texting

Brian Armijo, M, 27, men’s competitive 1st division, midfield or defender, D-II College, Amateur in Denver, CO  505-410-0772  texting OK

Grigori Rogers, m, 23, coed rec level, Mid, wing, forward, played in high school Played for 12 years haven't played in 5 years, still kick the ball around every now and then and juggle.  505-681-6943  Text is ok 

Craig Beckman, M, 46, men’s rec level, defense and midfield, 10+ years experience, beckos87@outlook.com505 821 1999 no text, call or email please

Oscar & Ophelie Burns Diaz, 24 and 26, low to mid level coed, play defense and midfield.  Oscar (quite experienced), Ophelie (super athletic but only played soccer as a child). Just looking for a team that’s just happy to get out there to play, and to meet some new people.    575-770-4894  Texting OK

Mark Wells, M, 23, Wednesday coed, midfielder, forward,  possibly goalie, Used to play as a kid, haven't played since middle school, used to play midfielder, forward, and goalie.  (505 )688-1780  texting OK

Brandon Leinen, 26 M, men’s or coed, any level, Mid-def. I'm a runner!, 4 years experience, :, 505 236-8268  texting OK



Looking to join a Team? Here's a Shortcut to Teams Looking for Players for the Fall Season

Teams Looking as of Sept 28

Odyssey, a women's third division team, are a fun, competitive team looking for new players. We especially need a GOALIE and defense players. Contact Kristin via text at 505-400-5113 if you are interested in joining us!

Sons of Albuquerque, a men's second division. is looking for players who are competitive, like to have fun and who can commit to practices (usually held on Tuesday/Thursday evenings, sometimes on Sundays in the preseason) at least once a week and attend most games. We will be playing in the Men's 2nd division this fall. We are looking for players who are strong at defensive positions, we are also looking for players who play other positions.To inquire about joining/trying out for our team, contact Eddie at 505-261-5971 (may call or text), e-mail address is

Soleros is looking for new players for COED division.  Contact Dan at  Both male and female players needed.  We have three basic guidelines

1.  We don't yell at the refs.  It doesn't make them change the call, and just annoys them.
2.  We don't yell at each other or the other team.  This is recreational soccer, not World Cup.  Keep it fun.
3.  If you sign up, show up.  If you sign up, please commit to being at most of the games.



In the summer, the decision to play games is made at the field due to the wide spread in field locations.  Therefore, you need to go to your game so the referee can determine if the field is playable.  We do NOT use the rainout phone.

In the fall and spring, where we play at three locations, if it rains, we e-mail everyone, update the web site and post notice on the rainout phone at 341-5015.  The first update of the day will be posted at 7 a.m.  Please listen to the message, as it will tell you whether you need to call back during the day for updates.  The phone will handle 500 callers at a time, so you won’t get a busy signal.

Additional Info

If you’ve got suggestions for information you’d like to see included, contact us at

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