Changes to this years edition of the Dog Days Tournament

NMSSA has declined to continue offering the tournament so Albuquerque Soccer League is doing it.  Hence, we're doing everything on the ASL web page instead of NMSSA.   It's taking a little while because we've got to create everything from scratch.

The team entry fee is discounted until July 1 to $300 for women 7 v 7 and $400 for men 11 v 11.  No one expressed interest in the men's over 50 in 2019 so we won't bother with it this year. 

Here's what you need to do.  You submit a team application through the link on the right of this page.  We accept your team application and then you can populate your roster.  If you're used to doing this through ASL, it's the same here.  If not, there's a link on the right with instructions on how to populate your roster and create player profiles.  If you've done nothing on your roster 7 days after your application we'll contact you to confirm that you are really going to have a team.  If you don't respond you hit the waiting list.

Extremely important:  Your players should not pay any fee through the ASL site.  The Tournament Fee and the NMSSA Weekend fee are both being collected through a separate system and the links for both are on the right. 

If a player is currently playing on a NMSSA affiliated team, they are registered and can be cleared to the roster with no further payment.  If a player has not played in NMSSA for the past 12 months, they need to pay $15 for a weekend membership in NMSSA to participate in the tournament.  The link to make that payment is on the right.  When that payment has been made, the player will be cleared to the team roster.

Another Extremely Important Item:  We will not be negotiating your roster at the field during the tournament.  It needs to be completed a week before the tournament.


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