Guest player rules for Spring 2020

  1. The guest player cannot be registered on any team in ASL at the game date the player joins a team for one game.  That means if a player has paid to play on a team at any time during the current season, they are ineligible to be a guest player for the current season regardless of the fact that they didn’t show up to play any games or some mysterious benefactor paid for them and they didn’t know.
  2. A guest player can only be a guest player once per season. That means one game for one team.  The guest player fee is $15.
  3. If the guest player has previously been suspended from ASL and owes fines or has not completed a time suspension, that player cannot be a guest player until all fines and bonds are settled with the League and suspension served.  Our list of outstanding fines wins over faulty memories and claims that someone else got the red card and I forgot to tell you 3 years ago.
  4. Over the course of a season (8 or 9 games), a team is allowed to use a maximum of 5 guest players and a maximum of 2 guest players in any one game.  If the guest player doesn’t show up at the game, that still counts as one of your guest players.
  5. If a player joins the team on which they play as a guest player during the same season, the player’s fee would be reduced by $10 for that season only and that team only.  The player does not get a reduced fee on every ASL team for the rest of their life or for joining a team other than the one on which they played as a guest player.
  6. Guest players will not be allowed in rescheduled games or playoff games to avoid sandbagging tricks.
  7. The League office will manually produce a red player passcard for guest players.  The league will also need a government issued photo ID for the guest player prior to producing the guest player passcard.  The referee is to retain the guest player passcard at the conclusion of the game.  If the referee gives it back to you, give it back to the referee and tell the referee they're supposed to keep it and let us know.


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