Come join the Albuquerque Chapter of American Outlaws!

Come join the Albuquerque Chapter of American Outlaws!

When you watch a US Soccer Men’s or Women’s National Team game on TV, you’ll notice a boisterous collection of nutjob fans sitting behind one of the goals jumping up and down and often unfurling very large banners before the games during players introductions and the national anthem.  Those people are an organized bunch known as the American Outlaws.  They are officially recognized by US Soccer as our national supporters group.  We have a hardy chapter of the American Outlaws in Albuquerque and we meet for games at the Starr Brothers Brewing on San Antonio, which also sponsors the Albuquerque SOL and is soccer and family friendly.  We’ve got our own Facebook page for the Albuquerque chapter and would love to expand our membership base.  You’re welcome to come to our events even if you’re not a member, but we’d like it even more if you joined us.  It’s pretty simple. Go here.

It costs $29 a year and you get a free shirt shipped straight to your front door and a scarf.  You can’t beat the price.

And there’s more.  As an AO member, you get access to the tickets with the group for national team games, which means in addition to being at the game, you can sit with your fellow nutjobs and jump up and down and yell and generally release your pent up emotions because you lost your cellphone at the airport.

ASL supports the AO chapter locally and can answer any questions you may have.  Come join us.


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