Every Player Needs to Submit an Updated Online Liability Waiver once annually.

Every player must execute a liability waiver once annually as a condition for our liability insurance coverage. We’ve set up for your players to do this online.  Here is the link they need click to go do it.  They can do it right now.  

Click here to completethe liability waiver form

The fiscal year for ASL, NMSSA, and USASA player registration is September 1.  Therefore, everyone submits new registration information and pays their annual fees related to insurance and membership in NMSSA, USASA, and USSF.  A player registered in the fall season does need to submit the liability waiver again until the following fall season.

We have contracted with Waiversign.com to provide a mechanism to complete the waiver online and it is directly submitted to ASL through gmail.  The information we get is the same information we get on your player record in Demosphere, which is your full name, address, phone, gender, email and date of birth.  We are required to provide your name and address annually to USASA and USSF.  We do not provide your email address or date of birth.



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