Submitting Your Team Application for Summer 2017

The following are instructions for submitting your team application for the Summer 2017 season. There are three categories of team status going into the fall season:

  • ASL Spring 2017 League
  • ASL Summer 2016 league
  • New teams who have not played in the league (even if your players have)

Here are the steps to take for each type of team.  Each process will take you to the same application, but requires different steps to get there.  Please note that sending Mike an e-mail that you’ve got a team for sure is not the process we’re using.

Important note and our first indication that you don’t read anything we post out here.  We have eliminated the team application fee. Period.  The person who submits the Team Application will need to pay and register as a player.  That will result in all the online payments being in your team folder and eliminate any confusion as to whether the actually have your payment accounted for.

The application process now requires that the team representative (the person submitting the application) provide all contact information and an alternate team representative.  You can change your uniform colors at any time.  Please be aware of this:  The program is designed to set the person who submitted the application as the only Team Contact.  Hence, if you submitted the application but are not the person who generally runs the team, you (or we can if you send us an e-mail) need to add them as a Team Contact.  When you add Team Contacts, you can add as many as you want.  You should list their position as Manager and anyone who is a Manager gets the league e-mail.  The other positions do not.

ASL Teams from Spring 2017

ASL Teams from Summer 2016

Log in to your current team folder for either Spring 2017 or Summer 2016.  You will be offered the option to submit your Summer 2017 Team Application.  Click that link.

By doing the team application through this process, the system gives you a Player Pool link in your team folder so you can simply pick the players in your team’s previous roster to populate your roster for Spring 2017 or Summer 2016 very easily.  If you go through the new team link to submit your application under a new name, you lose your team history and have to go through the tedious process of assembling your roster from scratch.

If you have a problem, one of several things may have happened.  First, the e-mail address in your folder may have a typo or not be the e-mail address you intend to use.  Contact Mike at and we can fix that problem fairly quickly and advise you of the e-mail address or make corrections.  Be aware that Demosphere will have automatically sent your PIN to the e-mail address in your team record, which is the last e-mail address we used to communicate with you.

New Teams Who Have Not Played in ASL prior to Summer 2017

Go to the center link article on the Web site and click the link for new teams.  It will step you through the application process and send you a PIN.

Very Important – How to Access your Team Folder After Your Application is Accepted.

Do not, under any circumstances, go back to ask for another PIN or use the center article link for new teams after you have submitted your team application.  This creates an absolute mess that we have to unwind.

When we have received your application and accepted it as complete, your team link will be displayed in the Teams folder in the center of the web page and you can access your team folder through that link.  When you click your team name, it takes you to a login page.  You should have received an email from Demosphere with your PIN and your login ID is the email address you put in your team application.

 What Happens If I Can’t Get Into My Team Folder?????

There appears to be a quirk in the program that causes the program to change the PIN when a person who is the Team Contact is also a player.  When you add yourself as a player, on a few occasions the program has generated a new PIN for the team contact role.  If you cannot login, e-mail us immediately and we can get it fixed and get you back in.


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