How to Add Team Contacts and Why We Want You To

When you submit your team application on line, the program only sets up the person who submitted the application as a Team contact. It’s a very good idea to have at least three people as team contacts. You must be a Team Contact to log in to the team folder and add player records and print your roster for games. Also, when we send out e-mail to all of the Team Contacts, you’ve got more people on your team receiving that information.

Log in to your team page. At the front page, select Maintain Team Contacts.

You’ll see the list of existing team contacts.

To add a Team Contact, click Add Team Contact to Team

You have two choices. You can search for person who has been registered in the league and add them the same way you search for a player for your roster.

In the alternative, if you have a nonplaying Team Contact to add, click Create a New Team Contact.

The Team Contact does not need a picture.

This is very important. Two critical steps. First, you must assign the person a Role in the Team Contact record. That role should be Manager. You can have multiple Managers. You can assign the person a PIN in the team Contact record or they can request one from Demosphere. We’d suggest creating one and not using your social security number as your PIN.

Now save the record and it will take you back to the list of Team Contacts.

Second important point. On the list of Team Contacts, check the box that says Admin. Very important as that’s what gives the Team Contact login rights.

After you’ve done that, you’re through, save and exit your team page.

If it then doesn’t work, we’re not surprised. It’s computer software. Send us an e-mail and we can usually fix it in about 1 minute.



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