General info around ASL soccer nation - March 20

We have closed and moved out of our office and no longer have office staff, a phone, or a physical location.  If you need to contact us, email us at

The Governor has announced that YOUTH club sports can reopen under fairly stiff restrictions.  Click here and we've cut out the 5 page section on Youth Club Sports.  The entire document is 73 pages and too big for us to upload.  If you want to see that, click here.


We've reached out to the spring 2020 team reps with information on plans regarding how (and kind of when) we MAY restart the league based on fairly slim information we have now and how we intend to operate with an office going forward.  As with other businesses in the state, we await further action by the state to continue to reopen everyone, so stand by.




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New Mexico State Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

United States Soccer Federation