Players Looking for Teams Two Day Listing - January 11 update

To get added to the list, go to the Hints for Getting on a Team link above this one and send us the information on the form there.

January 11


We got all the couples could be too if you send us your info.....


Khia Griffis, F, 34, womens play, 2nd or 3rd division, Outside mid best, anything else except GK is fine, Experience: 15+ years,  505-610-8404  texting OK 1.5.18

Aili Seiler, F, 23, Coed,  Rec/High(ish), I think skill level is somewhat difficult to gauge because it kind of depends on the completion, with that in mind I'd say I'm a competent player in pretty much any context.  Prefer center-mid, but I'm able and willing to play most positions, Varsity soccer all four years of high school, club soccer in college, and consistently playing recreationally for the last few years.  802-373-2452  texting OK  1.5.18



Mark Baca, M, 37, competitive level, men or coed, Position is mid fielder or full back sweeper and goal keeper, 15 years experience  505-210-5571  Text is preferred, call after 5 pm  1.11.18


Dan Curado, M, 45, 2nd or 3rd Div. Men and Coed, competitive level, Defender and Mid, Experienced player. High School, College, Amateur leagues (ASL, others),  505-948-2391 texting OK 1.11.18


Junior Newmz, m, 42, mens and coed, high level play, goalkeeper or striker. ​

Experience: 33 years, Coach U16.   ​  505-362-4984 texting OK 1.11.18



Cesar Miron, m, 41,Men’s 2nd or 1st division, high competition level, expert player, midfield or defense, Played through high school and many years in ASL,  505-459-8866 texting OK 1.5.18

Christian Sean Guiney, M, 17, Men’s and Coed, Competition Level: low, rec, Forward (right), defender (right), mid-fielder (right), played from 2004 to 2014 on teams/clubs in Albuquerque,  (505) 382-5493 texting OK  1.5.18

Yaimond Montero, M, 34, Men’s division, mid level,  CM - Defender - left wing -right wing, played through high school,  505 721-7661  texting OK  1.5.18

Anthony Marquez, M, 37, Men's or Coed, rec level,  Mid fielder and Forward positions, Played all growing up (rec and club teams), Varsity Soccer in high school,  970-333-0620  texting ok  1.5.18

Victor, M, 26, Mens and coed, mid to high level, Midfield or Forward, Very experienced, played in the Las Cruces for about 5 years, it’s been about a year since I haven’t played, but want to get back in to the active lifestyle and play again.  575-644-1053  texting OK  1.5.18


Albuquerque Sol


New Mexico State Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

United States Soccer Federation