How Do I get Paid and How Much do I get Paid

This is the pay scale for Sunday league play in the fall and spring.  USSF has eliminated the Grade 5 designation in favor of a National Candidate designation.  If you attained Grade 5 in the old system, we'll continue to pay you as a Grade 5 referee until you retire from refereeing.

Grade 8 AR $ 25

Grade 7 AR $ 27

Grade 6 AR $ 29

Grade 5 AR $ 32

Grade 3/4 AR $ 35


Grade 8 Ref $ 29

Grade 7 Ref $ 34

Grade 6 Ref $ 40

Grade 5 Ref $ 47

Grade 3/4 Ref $ 55


Wednesday night coed and Over-48 games are only assigned a single center referee and the pay is $50.


There is no fee to the individual referee for scheduling or payment. ASL covers those costs.


Grade 9 referees are not eligible to officiate adult soccer games pursuant to USSF policies.  If you are a grade 9 referee and want to begin officiating adult soccer, you need to upgrade to grade 8.


ASL pays by two methods. 


Direct deposit.  Almost all of our referees are on direct deposit.  We send your money directly to your account every Friday.  It’s much easier on us and on you.  All you need to provide us to get set up is your bank routing number and account number.   This is NOT your debit card number.  In the good old days, we told you to send us the information on the bottom of a check, but a lot of people don’t have paper checks anymore.  Contact your financial institutions and they can provide you the information very quickly.  We can also send your deposit to savings accounts or to business accounts.  Please let us know if your account is savings or business as it makes a difference when we set you up.  If you are a youth referee and don’t have an account, we can direct the deposit into your parent’s account.  It takes 4 business days from the day you give us your information for the account to open for us to make deposits.


Paper checks.  We issue paper checks once a month and they are distributed at the ASRA meetings at Clark Truck Equipment Company at 501 Industrial Blvd.  If you don’t pick them up at the ASRA meeting, they are returned to the ASL office and you can go there and pick them up. Yes, we realize this is inconvenient.  There’s a reason we’ve made it complicated.  Keeping a supply of checks and printing them is inconvenient too.


If you are paid $600 or more by ASL in a calendar year, we will mail you a Form 1099 for your tax reporting in late January.  Therefore we need both your social security number and a current mailing address in your referee record on Demosphere.  The only person who has your social security number is Bill Albert.  It is not kept in the Demosphere system by ASL.



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