How to submit your game reports

Very important point of emphasis – report your game through the referee reporting system on the ASL website.  DO NOT SUBMIT A GAME REPORT THROUGH THE ARBITER SYSTEM.

With that, let’s first address submitting a game report without an incident or red card.

Every referee has a folder in the ASL web-based system that is provided by Demosphere.  Every referee has login rights to your games. 

In order to submit your game report, go to the ASL web site and click the link on the left titled Referee Information.  Click the Referee Login link.

You will see a login page.  Your login email address is the one you provided us in your contract.  If you have not previously requested a PIN, click the link on the login page and you will immediately receive an email with a PIN.  The email will be from Mike Edwards and the title will be Referee Admin For Albuquerque SL. 

Be sure to check your junk and spam folders to make sure it didn’t go there.  We’re confident the system sent you a PIN.  If you cannot find it, email us and we’ll go into your folder and let you know what it is.

Once you’re logged, it is a fairly simple and intuitive system.  The game numbers in the Arbiter and Demosphere systems ae synched so they should be the same.  Enter your game number and a referee report template will appear.  In the Referee Information section is a tutorial you can download to step you through but it is generally intuitive.  We’ll only rehash a couple of items here.

Helpful hints:

  • Wednesday coed in the fall and spring is a separate season from Sunday.  if you're reporting Wednesday coed games, click the drop down menu in the upper right and select the Wednesday coed season to access your game report form.
  • You need to report the final score only.  Please do not report the scores by half.  It tends to make the system act funny.  Also, if one or both teams had zero goals, enter 0.  Do not leave that box blank.  0 and blank aren't the same thing if you'e a computer.
  • Do not click the links for the game not being played or being incomplete.  It tends to make funny things happen.  There is a text box on the page with the score where you need to enter verbiage about field conditions, misconduct, and anything else we need to know.
  • We need you to enter the names of the people who scored goals.  We give awards for goals and it’s important that people are properly credited.
  • If you don't have ARs, leave the space blank.  Don't write in that you had no ARs.  We can figure it out.  If you DO have ARS, please put their names in so we don't get irate emails that they didn't get paid. 

Your game report if you had a sendoff

Unpleasant as the thought is, you may find yourself compelled to send a player off during a game.

At this point, you need only insure that the player is not replaced and that the player immediately leaves the area, taking his or her equipment along. After being sent off, the player serves no useful purpose at the game and the League rules provide that the player must leave. If the player does not leave after being requested to do so, terminate the game, retain the passcards for both teams, and return the passcards to the ASL office. If the player or anyone else with the team requests your name, advise them that the League has your name and they can get it from us.  According to League rules, a player who has been sent off for any reason is suspended for at least one game.  If you are asked what the player suspension is, refer the captain to the league rules.  Do not provide your opinion as to what the suspensions should be.   The league rules are quite clear and it is not information we expect you to provide.  The only information you need to provide is the reason for the sendoff.  We deal with this issue extensively in the preseason meetings and the captains know perfectly well what the suspensions is and are looking to you to provide an answer more to their liking.

Regardless of the reason for the sendoff, we need a complete verbal explanation in the text box.  If players elect to appeal the red card, we rely on your game report.  If you provide no explanation, we then have to chase you down.  As appeals are due on close of business Wednesdays, time matters here.

If your game is a coed game on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, retain the player passcard of the player who was sent off.  You need to return it to the league office and you need to do that quickly.  This is very important as we do not want to issue replacement passcards.  If you accidently retained the passcard, let the office know immediately.  For the other divisions, we will manage red card suspensions based on the timely filing of your game report.



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