Variations from the Laws of the Game for Substitutions and coed games

All ASL competitions allow unlimited substitutions during certain stoppages.

Substitutions shall be unlimited. Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at the following times:

(a) Prior to a goal kick in either team's favor;

(b) After a goal by either team;

(c) After an injury, when the referee stops the game, by either team; 

(d) At half-time, by either team;

(e) Prior to a throw-in in favor of the substituting team. 


For the fall and spring coed play, any form of legally executed slide tackle is a rule violation in ASL coed play. It is considered dangerous play and should be penalized by the awarding of an indirect free kick against the offending team. To be quite rude, we don’t care whether you agree with this rule. It is the rule that was voted into place by players and we expect it to be enforced.  The goalkeeper is a player and cannot slide tackle. The goalkeeper can leave his or her feet to make a save or deflect a shot.  A tackle implies that at least two players are involved and the defender is attempting to disposes the attacker of the ball.  


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