We've reformatted and updated the ASL Referee Procedures

August 2018 Update

Welcome to our newly formatted ASL Referee Procedures.  We’ve streamlined several sections and instead of one long document have broken into various subjects with links on the side.  If you’re new to officiating in ASL, this is the center for learning how to get scheduled for games, what to do at your game to comply with the league rules, how to submit your game reports, and how we get you paid. 

If his is your first season in ASL, please read each section carefully and let us know if you have any questions.  The best way to get your questions answered is by email to aslsoc@swcp.com.

Every passcard you receive is valid if it has a small round purple sticker on the front that says Fall 18.  It might also have a peach colored sticker that says Spr 18 if the player elected to pay for two season. There is a team validation label on the back of the passcard with the team name you should check.  It should be the name of the team playing in the game you are officiating.  If a player is on a mens team and a coed team or  women's team and a coed team, they should have a passcard for each team.  They cannot use the same card on the other team.


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