Overview of Soccer Administration

We’ll try not to get too long-winded about this.  In Albuquerque, for entry level referees on adult league games (ASL) and youth league games other than high school or AYSO, you go to an entry level referee clinic staged by the New Mexico Soccer Referee Association.  We’ll come back to AYSO and high school after we address how you get to be a referee for our games.


The United States Soccer Federation (“USSF”) has overall authority for the training and assessment of soccer referees.  The New Mexico State Soccer Association (“NMSSA”) and New Mexico Youth Soccer Association (“NMYSA”) are charged by USSF with operating soccer programs in New Mexico.  Part of their direction is to operate a referee program between the two organizations.  We do this by a State Referee Committee (“SRC”) comprised of the following positions:

  • Chairman
  • State Referee Administrator
  • State Youth Referee Administrator
  • State Director of Referee Assessment
  • State Director of Referee Instruction
  • Registrar
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Upgrade Program
  • NMSSA Representative
  • NMYSA Representative  
  • NMSSA President (ex-officio)  
  • NMYSA President (ex-officio)

    The SRC is charged with training, retaining, assessing and promoting soccer referees and programs in New Mexico.  In conjunction with the two state associations, they further break down across about 9 districts to administer soccer at the local league level.  You can find those district breakdowns and further information on the NMSRA website at http://www.nmsra.org/Default.htm.


 If you have a child playing in AYSO, they run a completely separate referee program and you can find out more about that by going to your particular AYSO region in the local soccer links area of our website.


 If you’re interested in becoming a high school soccer referee, you can visit New Mexico Activities Association at http://www.nmact.org/.






















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