Where to go get soccer equipment in town?????

Pickings are kind of slim these days.  We basically have one store dedicated to soccer.  Here are the soccer specialty stores in town that we’re tracking down.  We’ve loading a picture on the left so you’ll recognize them when you get there.  We’re not including sporting goods stores, since you can find those on the internet and they generally sell a little bit of everything.  The ones we’re including here are specialty stores that cater to local soccer players only.  You can certainly order online from soccer.com or Eurosport, but remember when you absolutely have to get something for tomorrow’s games or if you’d REALLY like to make sure those shoes fit, it’s going to be available locally because you supported the local store and helped them stay in business.

First pictured is House of Soccer at 5220 Eubank NE in what used to be Marie Callendar’s and then a Chinese buffet.  Phone is 505-296-8417.  Their web site is www.houseofsoccernm.com.  No, they don’t have any let over egg rolls from the previous tenant.



Albuquerque Sol


New Mexico State Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

United States Soccer Federation