Here's our initial playing rules for our the pioneers of Walking Soccer - October 11 edition

Welcome to the kickoff edition of our new Walking Soccer division.  We’re going to do two kinds of Walking Soccer, Wednesday nights at the soccer complex and midday on city parks.  Based on demand, we can add sessions during the week   

Most important item.  Before you show up, we need you to click here and complete our online waiver.  No waiver, no participate.  Pending us getting set up on event management software (which seems very expensive), please email us and let us know you plan to show up so we have an idea what to plan for.  For the demo sessions in 2018, the League is eating the costs.  Once we iron out the wrinkles through our demos, in 2019 we’ll be in real business and anticipate a one time annual $20 fee if you’re not already registered in our League.  That covers the cost of registering you with USSF and our liability and accident insurance policies. Then we’re working on event software and we’ll collect $5 per session to pay our staff.

Wednesday night Walking Soccer under the lights at our soccer complex.

Our first efforts will be on small sided fields at our soccer complex in Bernalillo.  Our field 6, under the lights, has now been divided into two Under-12 fields, which are the perfect size to play adult 7 v 7 soccer.   We'll be able to play two sessions per field, the first at 6:45, the second at 7:45 pm.

So here’s a quick set of rules to start with:

We’ll provide two sets of pinnies so no one is confused.

No goalkeepers.

No referees yet.

We’ll provide low bounce Futsal balls.

If the ball is out, we do a kick in instead of a throw in.

No offsides.

No one cares who wins.

Needless to say, no running.  If you can’t control your human nature, then the other team gets the ball on an indirect free kick and we all publish stuff about you on social media……

Minimum age is 18, all genders.

We’ll randomly draw teams from our crew that shows up.

Daytime Walking Soccer on city parks in Albuquerque

We’re under construction for a couple of days to confirm parks and we’ll get posted.  Stand by.


Albuquerque Sol

Albuquerque Sol


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