Here's our plan to build up our Wednesday women's daytime 3 v 3 division

Sunshine Women’s Futbol 3 v 3

Here’s something new we’re going to try on the theory that there are a women who want to play soccer that aren’t able to fit in the current offerings or that there is a group of women that actually ARE playing soccer and want to play some more.

Playing on Sunday in our League is great, but realistically, it requires about a four hour commitment to get to and from a game and play the game.  Playing indoor is probably OK, but the schedule for adult play takes second place to kids.  All kinds of things can pile up against that, so we’ve looked at some options that we can support both from our office and with referees.  Fields is somewhat the easy part and we have generally portable equipment, so we’re going to take a run at this and see if we attract a following.

Our plan is to start on March 13 and for the first three sessions, it’s free.  The league will cover the costs of the field setup, our staff at the field, and the bathrooms.  All we need you to do is to click here and complete our online liability waiver if you aren’t already a member of ASL on Sundays or in our other competitions. 

We’ll have someone at the field to set up and check to make sure you did your waiver and hand out pinnies and get people about as organized as we can.  Games will be twenty minutes starting at 10 a.m. and we’ll be out there till 1 p.m.  We’ve set up a group on Meetup called the Sunshine Women’s Futbol 3 v 3 group and you can find it here.   We’d ask you to join that group so you can let us know if you’re going to show up and we can plan accordingly on fields to set up.  We’ll start with two fields and if demand outpaces us, we’ll add fields.  The good thing about playing during the day is that we have a lot of grass we can use, which is not the case after work.

Starting April 1, the fees are pretty simple.  It costs $20 a year to be a member of USSF and to cover liability and accident insurance costs.  If you already play in ASL, you’ve paid that.  If not, we need to collect that and then every week, it’s $5 if you show up.  As we explain below, we’re set up as a group on Meetup and you can pay online on Meetup or you can bring cash to the field.

Here’s our plan, then, into April.  Some people might want to form teams and have their team play every week.  Others might just want to come play when they can, so we propose to break the weekly session in half and the first 60 minutes or so will be free form and pickup and the second half we’d really form teams and schedule teams to play against each other.


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