ASL Game procedure Variations for the 2018 Summer Season

Import procedural change from many yearsw of summer coed and over 30 - Because our games were spread out all over town, referees made the decision at the field as to whether games would be played based generally on rain issues.  Because the coed games are at a single site and the over 30 games are at a single site, we'll make rainout decisions the same was we do in the fall and spring and post on the ASL rainout phone number, 505-341-5044, the web site, facebook, twitter and e mail.  Referees will not need to go to the field and make the decision.

These variations from the league fall and spring rules are in effect for summer soccer.  There are substantial changes from the previous summer so please read them.

The playing rules for the men and women Over 30 and women open are all the same for a 7 v 7 competition.  They are posted in the Referees Section, the Registration Section, and the Team Representative Notebook Section of the website.

Players in coed, men and women over 30, over 40, and women's open are not required to wear numbers on their uniforms.  They must wear the same color shirt. 

Players in Sunday men’s open division must wear numbered uniform shirts of the same color and the numbers must be different and professionally applied.  Taped or written on numbers are allowed.  No duplicate numbers or exchange of jerseys is allowed.

Game time rules for weeknight coed are simple.  The hard start time is 6:30 pm, no grace period and no added time.  If the game started after 6:30 pm the halves are shortened equally.

Game time rules for Thursday and Friday over 30 are also simple. The start time is 6:15 pm or 7:15 as stated on the schedule.  No grace period and no added time.  If the games start after 6:15 or 7:15 the halves are shortened equally.

For coed play, legally executed slide tackles are prohibited. They are to be punished by indirect free kick as dangerous play. A slide tackle implies participation of two opposing players on the ball. Falling down, a goalkeeper making a save, or a player sliding to keep a ball in bounds is not a slide tackle. If you do not enforce this rule, we have asked the teams to advise us and we will not pay you for officiating a game and ignoring the terms of your contract, which is to enforce the league rules

The number of players for coed is the same as fall and spring.

Game fees for summer soccer are these:

Weeknight coed - $50.  No ARS will be assigned similar to the fall and spring Wednesday coed.

Sunday coed - same as fall and spring by grade level and ARs will be assigned.

Men and Women Over 30 and Women Open - $30 per assignment.  No ARs are assigned.

Over 40 women - $25 per game (no ARs)

Sunday men’s open – same as fall and spring by grade level and ARs will be assigned


Procedures and Information for Officiating Games in ASL

We've reformatted and updated the ASL Referee Procedures

August 2017 Update

Welcome to our newly formatted ASL Referee Procedures.  We’ve streamlined several sections and instead of one long document have broken into various subjects with links on the side.  If you’re new to officiating in ASL, this is the center for learning how to get scheduled for games, what to do at your game to comply with the league rules, how to submit your game reports, and how we get you paid. 

If his is your first season in ASL, please read each section carefully and let us know if you have any questions.  The best way to get your questions answered is by email to

A reminder from the spring and summer season, we are no longer having you cut corners on passcards for cautions.  The league is keeping track of penalty points and accumulated cautions based on you filing you game reports in a timely manner.  We will advise the teams and Bill and Jack of player suspensions for cautions and those players should not even attempt to enter the game.   If they do, include it in your referee report and we'll call them in for counseling.

We are no longer doing fall and spring registration, so the passcards will only have a Fall 17 and a Spring 18 sticker on the front of the card to validate them.  There is still a team validation label on the back of the passcard with the team name you should check.


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